Methods To Remove Clogs

If you do homework and unexpectedly the water flowing down your bathroom or kitchen sink does not drain properly, or not at all, you can face the most popular homeowners plumbing issues.

Clogged bathroom or kitchen sinks and shower drains are a big problem for homeowners as this occupies a lot of your time to fix or repair. It is needed to clear clogged drains as soon as you see them.

You may think this is a very difficult job but you can use these do-it-yourself methods to remove clogs and be aware of how these problems can be solved.

First, is the hot water technique. For any clogs in the middle of a drain pipe the debris can be removed simply by pouring hot water down the pipe.

Clear as much water as possible from the tub while doing so. The whole water bottle is then poured into the tub.

When the water stays in the sink and the clog is not moving, allow the water to cool down for a while, and drain it to try again. It usually works on most forms of clogs but it can take a few times to push the clog and perform it operation.

Second solution is a plunger. What you would do is fill your tub or sink with some water, then place the plunger over the drain opening. Ensure the rubber rim is flush to the floor.

To shape pressure and suction, carry out a quick up-and-down movement to dislodge the clog in the pipe. With the clog gone, water flows smoothly down the drain and into the pipes. Stubborn clogs will also have to be dipped a lot.

To know more information about this, check out and read this infographic.

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