What To Do After A Fire At Home And What To Expect During the Fire Restoration Process

Fires are always traumatic. Big or small, fires can leave you with so much fear and worries. Most fire victims find it extremely difficult to move on after a fire, but knowing what to do in most fire situations could help you on your feet. This is what most professionals would suggest during fire damage restoration, District of Columbia.

Dos and Don’ts

No matter how emotional you are, you need to keep your head on straight after a fire especially if you are a parent and your children’s lives are at stake. First, check on everyone, including yourself. Do you have fire injuries? With or without skin burns, you and everyone who was inside the house during the fire should get yourselves checked for smoke inhalation. You may need treatment at the hospital. If you were fortunate enough to get your insurance cards before leaving the site of the fire, present them at the hospital. If such IDs are not currently with you, call the insurance company for assistance. Hospitals would know the protocol for these situations.

Make the fire report

Fire reports are necessary especially if you are hoping to make damage claims with your insurance company after a fire. If your home was destroyed or harmed during a wildfire, the authorities handling fire damage restorations, District of Columbia could help you make claims for fire management.

Report it to the police

Most likely, you will not be allowed to reenter your home after a fire. All utilities will also be turned off for safety’s sake. Reporting that your home was just damaged during a fire could add a layer of security from looters and squatters. You can also consult professionals on fire damage restoration, District of Columbia to make sure that your windows and doors are shut.

Remove unharmed property

Remove any unharmed properties from your home to prevent further damage to them. Smoke damage can sometimes be as detrimental as fire damage. Save what you can, but it is not recommended for you to do this on your own especially if you were in your home during the fire. You could still be dealing with trauma. You should also check all doors and windows, making sure that any damage found on your bifold door repair Leeds is fixed as quickly as possible.If possible, have unharmed things professionally cleaned so they don’t smell like fire. Move heirlooms and other valuables first and keep them safe.

List damages well

You must append in your fire report a list of damaged items as well. Be as specific as possible as this will make fire damage claims easier. Go through the trouble of listing model and serial numbers of these are accessible to you. The more specific you are with your damaged items, the easier it is for your insurance company to reimburse you–given that this is covered in your policy.

Do not move in yet

Unless your home has been cleared by the fire department, do not move back in. Have the integrity of your home checked and the wirings and air quality as well. If you have members of the family who are sensitive to smoke and fumes because of asthma or other lung problems.

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