Tips for successful e-commerce delivery at affordable prices!

One of the main factors for the success of an e-commerce is efficient logistics. Products delivered on time, or even earlier than promised, can surprise customers and encourage loyalty. Delays generate dissatisfaction and can damage the brand’s image on the internet, negatively influencing other potential buyers. Therefore, we have separated some tips on how you can be successful when delivering your product as efficient as that of a traditional store.

Delivery options

Product delivery methods may vary from store to store, as well as from product to product. For example, if you deal with fragile items, the type and method of delivery will be different. If you deal with auto parts, the type and method will be different. But the common thing is to choose a professional shipping service that is efficient in every aspect. Visit Shiply, and choose the best shipping service provider according to your products and budget. For more information, kindly click here

Why freight courier?

To avoid inconvenience, evaluate which one is best suited to your business and service. Carriers have the advantage of not having restrictions on the weight of the order and not being subject to strike problems. Courier delivery services are known by most customers, which guarantee credibility. Besides, they have transparency in the delivery system, which can be tracked. The company has more control over the product’s path, but it can also spend more and have more responsibilities. 

Regardless of the modality you choose, the most important thing is to keep the customer informed about the movement of the product. If there is any delay, the company must inform the buyer, the reason and show interest in helping him. It is of little use to promise quick deliveries if the logistical structure does not allow it. Avoid customer dissatisfaction by establishing date ranges so that the product arrives and the consumer can follow everything.

Status of the delivered product

Quality delivery also depends on the state in which the product reaches its final destination. Fragile items need special care in packaging and during transport to avoid damage during travel. Keep in mind that if the product arrives with damage to the customer, you will probably have more headaches or need to pay for the exchange. So, remember to invest in protection with bubble wrap or any other reinforced packaging that protects the product from falling, if necessary.

Shipping quotes online

Another very important factor is the freight cost. It is necessary to analyze the factors that influence the amounts charged, such as rates and cubing factors, as well as the collection location. It is also worth remembering that freight quotes made manually can be time-consuming, which can generate losses that often go unnoticed. On such online shipping platforms, you can get instant quotes from different service providers, so that you can choose the perfect one. 


A survey is needed to survey carriers that serve your pickup location and your cargo profile, so that after gathering all available information, you can start evaluating. Logistics is essential for the survival of e-commerce, no one has any doubts. But knowing the best alternative to deliver your store’s products still leaves many entrepreneurs without knowing how to solve this equation.

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