Types of Flooring Tiles to Use for Bathroom Refurbishment

Renovating the floor is one of the best ways to get your bathroom space transformed, with no need for a big refurbishment. You need some new tiles to replace the existing bathroom floor that you have. It is not that you have to find tiles in a dull color or design, given that you can find and choose tiles in hundreds of colors and designs. Know about some of the varied types of flooring tiles that you can use for Bathroom Refurbishment Chesterfield.

Granite tiles

This is among the tile material options that has become popular in the last few years. You can be assured that this is quite hard to wear, which is a highly desirable property for buyers. With each type of stone, you can get a varied feel. With granite stones, you can lend a very solid feel to your floor. If you would like to have a softer and warmer feel, you would love to opt for sandstone tiles for Bathroom Refurbishment Chesterfield.

Marble floor tiles

These can be the best options in case you want to add an element of luxuriousness to your own bathroom, and feel like royalty. But you have to keep in mind that marble needs some maintenance. You need to take care that your marble floors do not get stained, and even when stains appear, you should remove them quickly. The effort can be worthwhile. However, if you would like to have marble that can be maintained more easily, you would like to choose artificial marble tiles over quarried natural marble tiles.

Linoleum floor tiles

Linoleum floor tiles can be the best choice for Bathroom Refurbishment Chesterfield in case you are looking for a type of tile that can be installed more easily. Such kinds of tiles can be found in many varied colors and designs. However, as Linoleum can get damaged, you have to take some care for its maintenance.

Ceramic floor tiles

It is another kind of tile that can often be found in use in bathroom spaces. When you use these for Bathroom Refurbishment Chesterfield, you can get an almost regal appearance. It is essential for you to ensure that you opt only for non-slip tiles, given that a fall in your bathroom can lead to broken bones or even lead to fatal consequences in some cases. In a steam-laden bathroom, tiles can be very slippery. Keep in mind that ceramic tiles can get cracked easily, and so, you should take care not to drop glass bottles or other hard objects on them.

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