Solid timber can be installed onto two sub-floor kinds. Plywood and Concrete. We do not advise installing over chipboard as well as rather would recommend a floating floor such as engineered wood flooring [พื้น ไม้, which is the term in Thai] or laminate flooring. Engineered wooden floorings come in various textures and colours such as black wooden flooring, ash wood flooring, parquet flooring etc.

Mounting Strong Timber Flooring on Concrete

Use versatile timber to concrete adhesives such as Laybond or Soudal Polymer. Starting in one corner of the space, spread out over 2 board sizes of glue along the starting wall sub-floor utilizing a 3mm toothed trowel. After that position the first row of flooring into the glued area with the tongue dealing away from the wall surface. Usage 10mm spacers against the wall to guarantee that the correct expansion void is kept and to assist straighten out any kind of disproportion in the wall. When laying the second row ensure that joints are at least 150mm apart from the initial row.

If you are installing long plank boards, typically pre-cut smaller boards are consisted of to enable you to begin a new row with staggered joints. Continue using this technique of spreading out the adhesive 2 board widths vast as well as setting up boards, making certain that expansion spaces are kept around the perimeter.

Installing Solid Wooden Floorings on Plywood

Utilize an overlay flooring nailer, also customer a porta-nailer. Location 10mm spacers against the wall surface running parallel with the instructions of your setup. After that install the initial row of flooring with the tongue facing away from the wall surface, as well as fit in location by utilizing the flooring nailer. Nails should be utilizing every 200mm or a minimum of 2 nails aboard shorter than 400mm. When laying the second row make sure that short end joints go to the very least 150mm aside from the initial row joints. If mounting taken care of length long plank wood flooring, some pre-cut smaller boards may be consisted of to enable you to start a new row with staggered joints. Continue utilizing this approach of nailing, making certain that 10mm growth voids are preserved around the perimeter.
To learn about parquet flooring [พื้น ปาเก้, which is the term in Thai], please visit the link.

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