A bathroom remodel can seem like do-it-yourself project. But if you do decide to take the plunge, chances are you will quickly complete the amount of work and expertise required. Many complex operations can be necessary, such as plumbing, tiling, electrical and finishing work in order to achieve a result that does not look DIY.

Hiring Bathroom Installers Rockhampton not only allows you to have a project carried out by professionals according to the rules of the art but also to simplify your life. In reality, they are general contractors who specialize in renovating bathrooms.

General contractor or handyman?

If you’re looking for someone to do a turnkey bathroom renovation, you’re probably looking for Bathroom Installers Rockhampton, not a handyman. The contractor will be able to use his expertise and skills in all aspects of renovating your bathroom and coordinate with the various stakeholders and specialists (designer, plumber, tiler, electrician, etc.).

Only a general contractor holds the licenses required to coordinate the entire project for you. A handyman may be able to replace light bulbs or a showerhead. But if you want a well-made bathroom for years to come, you better take your project to a real expert.

The difference between the two is that the Bathroom Installers Rockhampton really specializes in this type of renovation. He will tell you if your plans are feasible, how he will go about carrying out the work optimally, how long it will take, etc.

Questions to ask a bathroom contractor:

It is important to meet more than one potential Bathroom Installers Rockhampton before entrusting your bathroom renovation if only to compete their ideas and their prices. By discussing the project with them, you will get a feel for their suitability for you and what you have in mind. Your instincts are important, but entrepreneur checks are even more important.

10 questions to ask Bathroom Installers Rockhampton:

Here are some questions you should ask potential contractors for your bathroom remodel:

1. How long will the renovation take?

2. Do you provide a complete turnkey solution?

3. Are there any temporary facilities that we can use while renovating our bathroom?

4. How many employees will be involved in the bathroom renovation?

5. Who will oversee the work being done?

6. Will we have to prepare the site or will your team will do it?

7. Is debris disposal included in your quote?

8. What precautions will you take to prevent damage to my house?

9. Is it possible to see some of your past work? Or get referrals from previous clients?

10. How long have you worked with this trade name and license number?

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