The living room is the most dramatic place in the house, where you can play with colours, art and wall paintings. In order to make it look expressive, work on your furniture types and designs. Starting from colour contrast to the furniture layout, decide on what can display best in the available amount of space. Don’t be afraid to try oddly shaped furniture or make a big statement in a small area. It will give a cosy look to your living room. Also, ensure you have a theme to ideally decorate your living room space so that the furniture complements the room décor. Wakefit provides you with plenty of options to choose the right type of furniture that elevates the appearance of your room. Here are a few tips to consider while decorating your living room.

Figure out what Size of Furniture can be used

Size is the essential factor of any interior décor. Choosing a piece of oversized furniture can be a blunder at times. Measure the dimensions of your room with tape before you decide the type of furniture. In today’s modern world, many of us live in small cramped apartments which don’t have ample space to accommodate all kinds of furniture. In such cases, it is always better to visualize the room’s layout first and then plan your furniture to make sure you don’t overdo the room. For example, if you want a sofa but don’t have space for a big one, you can always opt for a love seat that is small, compact and feels comfortable in the room. Again, there are various sizes of shelves, cupboards, study tables, sofas etc. Pick the right size accordingly. 

Choose a Proper Theme and Colour Combination

You may wonder why a theme is considered very important for a living room set-up. Every living room should give a unique feel and sense of attachment to the person using it. This feeling requires a connection and flow between the objects, carpets, showpieces, paintings, wall art and furniture. It could be a colour theme with different shades of the same colour filling the entire room. In this case, you can use different colour fabrics for your furniture that match your curtains and walls. Otherwise, you can opt for contemporary, antique or modern themes etc., depending on your taste. For modern themes, you need to focus on creating a clean design. Whereas for antique themes, the furniture should be traditional and antique with many carvings on them. The contemporary style furniture should comprise sleek and dark brown or walnut shades to create an elegant look. Ensure the comfort, alignment and colour combination are on their best levels to give an appealing look. 

Explore different Types of Furniture

One can choose furniture according to his or her needs. There are a lot of living room décor ideas available online. Search and explore the different types and models of furniture available in the market. Don’t forget to keep note of the new arrivals. Here is a list of furniture that can be used for a living room: 

  • Sofa Set

Selecting a sofa could be challenging as it is the focal point in the room. Once you fix the design of your sofa set, the rest of the furniture quickly falls into place. Decide based on your space whether you need a sectional, sofa or couch. You could also incorporate a slouchy sofa or a lazy chair to make it look more comfortable.

  • Coffee Tables

We all need a table to relish our snacks and coffee. Sitting down for coffee at a table in the evenings is the best feeling ever. It relaxes and calms your mind. You can always use a Sheesham wood coffee table for a modest look with a sleek finish. If you don’t have space for one big coffee table, use a smaller one or a teapoy with matching chairs.

  • Wall Shelves

 Wall shelves nowadays come in different designs like hash type, zig-zag, criss-cross, corner shelves etc. They are also known as floating shelves as they are open and fixed on any side of the wall. If you’re a book lover, you can stock books on these shelves in your living room.

  • Side Tables

Side tables in the living room can be used near study tables, sofa sets and teapoys. You can customise your side tables by fixing a detachable organiser for them. Show off your interior skills by using side tables with charger points, multiple drawers and suitable materials. Try the Sheesham wood side table for premium quality and durability.

Make it Multipurpose

Multipurpose furniture is something that never goes out of trend. Choose your furniture in a way it can be used for multiple reasons.

  • Sofa cum bed – A sofa can always be converted into a day bed for people who do not like using the bedroom in the daytime. It also solves the purpose of buying an extra bed for frequent visitors at home.
  • Sectional Sofas – Sofa sections can be used for relaxing and divide a big room into two. There are many types of sectional sofas like the L-shaped, U-shapes, curved shaped etc. 
  • Coffee table with storage – Customize your coffee table in such a way that it could be used to drink coffee and at the same time have a storage unit to store cutlery. 

Try Re-arranging in Different Patterns

Create the right mix of furniture and arrange it well to change the room’s look now and then. If you have been using a type of set-up for a couple of months and find it monotonous, it is time for you to re-arrange your furniture, thus giving a new style to the room. You could change the layout of the sofa or the place of the tables etc. Use your creativity and allow your furniture pattern to blend with the layout of the room.

The living room is the best place for family gatherings and loving bonds. Hence make it lively, comfortable and at the same time trendy. Choose strategic furniture that accommodates your living room and gives a warm feeling.

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