In many sports grounds, as in case of hockey fields and football pitches, the use of Artificial turf can be seen a lot. It can be tough to wear, and can be maintained with a lot of ease. This is a perfect substitute for actual grass, and does not need the high maintenance that is needed for the latter. Often, such kind of a turf needs to be replaced once the sporting season comes to an end, given that it has to go through a lot of wear and tear. Know about some of the various kinds of Artificial Turf Sunderland that are available, and used today.

Unfilled artificial turf

As the name indicates, this artificial turf is unfilled or not filled with something. This is possibly the turf that is used most often today. When there are sports matches, particularly in hot weather countries, you can often find – at half time –  unfilled pitch getting watered. As it has to be saturated with water before use, such kind of Artificial Turf Sunderland is also called Water Based turf. This turf option is preferred more over sand-filled pitches, due to the fact that the water base safeguards from abrasions. This is often found on pitches that are filled by sand.

Sand dressed artificial turf

It needs using sand for filling up of the pile to around 6 to 8 mm from the turf blade tip. As the sand cannot be seen, a sand dressed pitch can be easily confused for a pitch that is water-based. But the sand-dressed Artificial Turf Sunderland can be quite abrasive in form, and thus, any athlete who slides across the pitch can easily tell this kind of artificial turf from another.

Sand filled artificial turf

This is the final type of Artificial Turf Sunderland, and is covered in sand almost entirely. You can get an extremely hard pitch with turf that is filled up with sand. As compared to a sand dressed or unfilled pitch, the speed of a ball can be slower on such a pitch. When a player slides across such a pitch, there can be abrasions obviously. Due to this reason, water based pitches are mainly used for rugby and all those games where players come in contact with the surface of the pitch.

Each type of Artificial Turf Sunderlandhas its place in the market, and is used for a specific reason.

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