Getting on and off the toilet seats may not be something you would struggle with daily. However, for those unable to perform this simple task without other’s help, it’s a big problem. People with limited mobility, poor strength, or balance would find a raised toilet seat or, even better, a toilet seat lift to be most beneficial. It would give them more freedom and a sense of security.

Toilet Seat Lifts

Accessibility should be inclusive. EZ-ACCESS provides the right solution for most accessibility problems. They have a wide range of products ranging from portable wheelchair ramps, vertical platform lifts to toilet incline lifts. This US Company started its journey as early as 1984. They work from two locations – Algona, WA, and Morganfield, KY.

A toilet lift would help you while sitting and getting off the toilet seat. It would lower down slowly when you sit, and once you finish, you have to push a button or trigger the mechanism which would lift you. Now, you can stand up easily as the distance between sitting and standing reduces.

What Are Its Benefits and Disadvantages?

Benefits –

  • You hardly require any physical effort to sit down and stand up.
  • It is easy to use. You can also adjust its height and weight capacity. You should always check the lifting capacity of the device before the purchase.
  • It also reduces accidents and falls.

Disadvantages –

  • It is expensive.
  • It’s not portable. You have to use the same bathroom that has the toilet lift.
  • You have to clean and disinfect the toilet seat device frequently to avoid germs and bacteria. It’s unhygienic to go into a smelly bathroom.
  • It carries a stigma like any other assistive device.

You should never use an unsafe device, especially if they function on electricity or battery. Your safety comes first.

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