Toilet plumbing issues are one of the most frequent problems that most of the plumbing companies get an urgent call from their clients. Toilet repair is not so easy job to do, whether it is a flush problem or a certain issue with a leaking tank.

There are lots of things that may not work properly and hence you must be able to exactly pinpoint the problem when you call a plumber. If you live in Kingwood and the surrounding areas then you can call Pillar Plumbing, which is one of the known plumbers Kingwood TX,and offers plumbing services to various commercial and residential properties.

The following are a few common reasons that can create plumbing problems in your toilet:

1) Clogging

One of the most common issues that most of us have faced at least once is clogging of the toilet or kitchen sink.

2) Sewer line problems

Often after heavy rains, usually you may come across a certain sewer line problem.

3) Worn flapper valve

A worn flapper valve will cause your toilet to drain out water constantly, and raise your water bill.

4) Worn washer bolts

There may be a certain leaking bolt washer, which may get loosened that needs to be tightened.

5) Loose connections

After long usage, there can always be certain loose connections of washers and bolts.

6) Leaky seals

This is another very common problem and due to which there can be water pooling. 

7) Condensation

A poorly insulated tank may cause this condensation problem where there is cold air.

8) Broken tank

Often cracks may not be visible but it causes water leakages.

9) Sewer line clog

This is another bigger issue when you will have to call a plumber to fix it.

10) Faulty flappers

You may either have to shorten or replace your flapper’s chain. Also, you may have to realign the flapper.

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