A concreter is a person working or building with concrete. A concreter is a person with good teamwork skills, follows precise directions, has thorough knowledge of concrete characteristics, and enjoys outdoor and practical work, on-site safety issues understanding and good awareness. A Concreter Geelong is important to spread, pour, finish and smooth concrete for structures such as stairs, floors, footpaths, ramps, and bridges.

Qualities of concreter Geelong

A good concreter is the one who communicates with many people, on and offsite.  The concreter Geelong is the person understanding building plans, levels, and heights. The work ethics, special awareness, forward thinking, good physique and sound organizational skills are the best qualities.

Cement in construction today

The use of concrete today among the construction materials is high due to its benefits. There are advantages on using concrete and an expert concreter Geelong is aware of the best advantages.

  • Economical- Concrete in comparison to other materials is used for construction and the advantage is the cement production cost is low. It is economical as it is available widely around in comparison to polymers, steel, and other construction materials. The major concrete ingredients are water, cement, and aggregates. These are available at a low cost in local markets readily.
  • Easy to cast- Fresh concrete is in liquid state. It is easy to pour into shuttering configurations and form works to get desired sizes and shapes. Concrete is easy to cast by adjusting the mix. The advantage is that the concreter Geelong is aware of the ambient temperature and how to set it to harden and gain strength. Besides, cement is an inorganic material that gets bonded at low-temperature. The concrete is used optimized with admixtures and regardless of weather conditions.
  • Energy efficiency– The energy required for the concrete production is low in comparison to steel. There is a need for only 450-750 kWh/ton cement concrete energy and the reinforced concrete requirement is 800-32oo kWh/ton. On the other hand, the structural steel or other makes demand nearly 4-10 times towards energy consumption. The advantage of concrete structures is that there is no need for painting or coating regularly to safeguard weathering in comparison to wooden or steel structures.

Concrete characteristics are favorable for construction that any skilled concreter Geelongwill recommend. They are also water resistant that it is ideal even for submerged applications such as canals, pipelines, building structures, waterfront structures, dams, and linings.

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