Every retailer has to spend hours and days into the process of setting up shop. It can be quite a daunting task, which explains why lots of store owners opt for the services of a professional shopfitter for the installation of fittings and fixtures that can bring about a complete transformation into a space. It can change an empty store into a functional one. Be it banks, hotels, restaurants or retail shops, a wide variety of commercial spaces can be handled by Shopfitters. Often, they have to work with plumbers, electricians, tilers etc for the fit-out completion and ensure that the work is brought to a proper finish. When it comes to the shelving of your store, these are the top aspects that your Shopfitting Company Hobart needs to consider.

Shop Shelving Design

It is important to figure out the design as well as the placement of the Display Shelving units in your retail store, which would help complement your space. This can ensure that there is a clear view of the store from the service desk or front door. It can be very useful in improving the flow of customers into your retail store, and increase foot traffic.

Shelving Type

This is another important thing that must be decided by the Shopfitting Company Hobart that you hire. A specific form of shelving is perfect for a specific product category. For example, for the storage of different types of items, you need dump bins, magazine racks or refrigerated units (for storing fresh items that must be preserved in cold temperature conditions). To keep items at different heights, you need:

  • Peg board shelving
  • Wall shelving
  • Corner bays
  • Island-shelving
  • Low or high gondola shelving

The Shopfitting Company Hobartshould also add Epos ticket strips, shelf-dividers and other shelving accessories which can aid you in keeping your store items arranged much better. It can also help ensure convenience in restocking.

Warehouse Shelving

This is another vital aspect that is often ignored by many retail store owners. The shelving of a storage area or warehouse is, however, equally important. You can find a number of Shopfitting Company Hobartprofessionals providing you with pallet shelving and other low-cost options, to help you keep your stocks well-arranged behind the scenes as well. Look for a company that can offer expert advice to you, when it comes to the best kind of shelves for your targeted customer base, layout and design of your store.

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