Awnings are a great way to keep the front of your home covered, especially if you have a patio to protect. However, your awning needs protection as well, especially when winter is coming. If you want to learn how to protect your awning by yourself and with Maryland awning companies, take a look at these seven tips.

1. Put Your Awning Away

The simplest way to protect your awning from the winter months is to put it away. Of course, how easy it would be to store your awning depends on the type of awning you own. Some awnings have a remote control that you can retract, so you just need to press a button.

However, some awnings may need to be disassembled and properly stored. You may do this yourself, but you will likely need a variety of tools and a few hours to accomplish that. You may also hire Maryland awning companies to help you store the awning.

2. Prevent Mold from Growing

Mold is a major reason why many parts of the home deteriorate, including your awning. If your awning stays damp for too long, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, causing mold and mildew to grow.

You can prevent this by making sure your awning stays dry, especially after rains or snow. However, you may need to install a new awning or replace parts of it if there is too much mold damage. Luckily, you can ask Maryland awning companies to help you with that.

3. Repair Damage Quickly

Try to do regular inspections of your awning to keep track of its condition. It is best to repair minimal damage immediately. That way, you can prevent the damage from becoming worse.

4. Keep an Eye on the Weather

The weather is often the reason why your awning gets ruined. Try to keep an eye on the forecast to see if it is going to rain or snow. That way, you can do preventative measures early, such as putting your awning away.

5. Wash and Dry the Awning Regularly

Ideally, you ought to wash your awning at least twice a year. You can use soapy water and a soft cloth to wipe it off, avoiding tough scrubbers and abrasive chemicals. Dish soap usually does the job.

Remember how we mentioned damp conditions encourage mold and mildew to grow? Then you need to use another soft but dry cloth to dry your awning off after you wash it.

6. Cover the Awning

Need your awning to protect parts of your home from the snow? There are winter covers that you can get for your awning. Simply place the cover on and you are good to go!

7. Dust the Awning

Your awning is bound to get some debris and dirt on it throughout the months. For instance, leaves and other dirt can accumulate over your awning, especially in the fall right before winter. Use a soft broom to brush off your awning at least once a month.

Protecting your awning from the winter is the best way to preserve it. You can follow any of the tips above to learn how to maintain your awning during the winter.

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