Floorings are given due credits for decades. From wood to acetate to simple concrete floors, there is always a plenitude of variety available. 

According to the new wave of minimalism, more is less and it’s the optimum choice for modern homes. You don’t have to overdo your floors to achieve elegance rather a simple floor will jazz up your ambiance. Too many colors, patterns, and textures will end up in making your home look overcrowded.

Marble and granite flooring. 

When considering flooring options nothing can match the grandeur imparted by marble and granite. In the past, they were used solely as kitchen countertops but now they are making their way to our floors by adding the right touch of excellence. Besides modern contemporary homes, marble and granite can also be used in traditional homes because of their longevity, hassle-free maintenance, and ability to retain its texture over the years. Ordinary tiles will chip or fade from the corners but marble and granite tiles will also give you a lifetime.

Marble look porcelain tiles.

 If you can’t withstand the cost involved in marble or granite flooring you can easily install marble look porcelain tiles, which perfectly mimic the marble look but in a lesser price range.

Waterproof vinyl plank flooring.

 Another feasible option for stylish flooring this year is getting waterproof vinyl plank flooring. These floors are waterproof as the name suggests making them the best choice for damp weather, and the vinyl material will keep your homes warm in harsh winters.

Stained concrete flooring. 

Stained concrete has a clean polished industrial look. The concrete is mixed, poured, and polished by hand.

Black and white flooring. 

Black and white styling never go out of trend. Black and white imparts a very contemporary feel to homes and homeowners are left with plenty of options to accessorize their homes with black and white floors.


With a return of several old trends terrazzo is also making a comeback with the heaviest price tag for installation. For those of us who favor the old school vibes and cling to the past for nostalgia, terrazzo floors are for them. They are made by mixing glass pieces, stones, shells, and anything organic in smooth concrete and polished until smooth.

Anti-slip floors. 

Slip-resistant flooring is also making a comeback with more and more people favoring their installation. Especially with children and the elderly at home, these seem like the perfect option.

Large-format tiles.

 These tiles are again in trend and more homeowners are giving these considerations while renovating their homes. The large size of tiles looks elegant and stylish and with lesser grout lines.

WRAP UP:  A diverse variety is available that can suit your flooring needs, whether you are intending to renovate your home or constructing a new one. Choose floors that will accentuate your home and complement the ambiance that you wish to create. So here were the top trends for floorings. Whether you are a new homeowner or renovating your old space, one of them will work for you.

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