8 Advantages of Rail Concrete Fence For Commercial Properties

Like your home, your commercial property needs security. Installing a ranchrail concrete fence — which is known for its superior ability to withstand several natural elements — is a great way to provide just that to your business. It also helps you control access to your premises while keeping your business identifiable from its neighboring structures.

Still on the fence about whether you’d invest in a rail concrete fence or not? In this feature, you’ll learn about its top eight advantages.

Superior strength. Though a precast concrete fence like Ranchrail concrete fence is less thick than a concrete wall, it still boasts the same exceptionalstrength. And compared with other fences, it can stand up to different weather elements and other forms of disturbances more effectively (e.g., fire damage, pest infestation). Similar to what you hope your business’ future will be, this fence option can last several decades.

Cost-effective construction. Primarily because of this fence’s weight savings, it’s easier to construct and install around your commercial property. Unlike standard concrete and masonry wall, they’re more economical. Construction costs can be as cheap as installing a wood fence, only that this fence is much more durable, as stated.

Easy and economical to maintain. As much as it’s easy to construct, a rail concrete fence is also inexpensive to maintain. In fact, they’re virtually maintenance-free. And in the event that you’ll need to repair some damage, you can easily address it by applying a standard masonry patch. This is way more convenient than staining or treating wood fences.

Great sound buffer to outdoor noise pollution. If your business is located in a busy environment, you’ll appreciate how a Ranchrail concrete fence can be a great sound buffer to outdoor noises. This is beneficial not just for your workforce but for your customers as well.

Elegant security measure. You don’t have to compromise aesthetics just to construct a secure fencing system around your business premises. It keeps your area secluded in a more elegant manner. Plus, you can also minimize the risk of your commercial property becoming a victim of theft or random (or intentional) vandalism.

Better access control. To keep business facilities protected, you have to control who will have access to your property. A good fencing system can help facilitate the delineation of your property from its neighbors. If your commercial area is large and you have to separate one department or facility from another, installing a precast concrete fence is the cost-effective way to do that.

Flexible design options. A rail concrete fence is available in varying heights. Some can stand three feet tall, while some can be about five feet in height. If you need to modify it later on and make it even taller, you can do that with this fence option. You can also have it designed and constructed to match the feel of your brand and the aesthetic theme of your property.

Reduced insurance premiums. Did you know that installing a fence around your business premises is typically required when you’re getting an insurance policy for your commercial property? If you want to reduce your premium, installing a superiorly sturdy and secure type of fence is recommended.

If you need a ranchrail concrete fence that will last you years, we can help you at HillTop Concrete. Contact us today and learn more about your different concrete fencing options.

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