What Makes a Garden Child-Friendly

Children should spend some time outdoors every day, weather permitting of course. Spending time in the fresh air, playing games is not only important for a child’s mental wellbeing, but it also contributes to their physical and social development. The outdoors, however, can come with certain dangers, which is why a garden space, one that can be easily supervised and designed, are ideal environments for little ones to grow up in.

With that in mind, we’re going to discuss what makes a garden child-friendly so that you can make your green space one your child will be thrilled to spend time in.


An array of colours often fascinates younger children, so if your son or daughter is not yet a tween, we recommend including colourful plants in your garden. While we always advocate bee-friendly plants, steer clear if your child has an allergy to bee stings. Also, always cultivate plants that are not poisonous, such as primrose, pansies, and sweetpeas. If you have enough space, why not start a small allotment where your children can plant some crops and watch them grow. Carrots, bush beans, and snow peas are excellent choices.

Houses of Imagination

One of the ultimate treats for any children, particularly boys, is to have a treehouse in their garden. It is a space where they can not only have fun on their own but with their friends too. Their imaginations can run wild as they imagine their treehouse being a magical place, such as a pirate ship, or a treasure-filled cave. If your children are a bit older, it can be a private space to get away from the humdrum of the household. Ensure that you use high-quality treated timber, and always keep safety in mind.

As with treehouses, little girls love to pretend they’re princesses who live in a castle. You can make their wish come true by installing a structure within your garden to fit that brief. Log cabins are excellent for this purpose and are available to suit any budget. Some of these structures come in pre-made kits, while others can be custom made. We’ll wager that most princesses will opt for a one-of-a-kind castle. They are royalty, not so?

Splash Pool

After a day of gardening, or sailing on the high seas, or marrying Prince Charming, a cool down might be in order. We suggest installing a small splash pool or even a shallow water fountain for this purpose. Having such a feature in your garden will allow your children to become accustomed to being in the water and create an awareness within them about water safety. It will also be great for adults too in the warmer summer months.

There are numerous tips available on how to turn your garden into a space that both you and your children can enjoy. A crucial aspect is to create a safe, happy, space that will feed their imagination and foster authentic play, while allowing you to keep an eye on them and still get some chores done.

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