St. George’s Finest Resort for Family Reunion Rentals

The nice thing about St. George is that it hardly ever gets cold there. On the contrary, because it’s close to the desert, the weather is perpetually warm. So, no matter what time of the year you decide to go on vacation, St. George has the ideal weather to get away from it all. However, with the consistent ideal weather, you also need a resort that will only accentuate the experience, especially if you’re trying to organize a family reunion and look for property rentals.

Because the weather is so habitually nice, it’s probably a given that you have to find a resort that has a swimming pool. Since you’re hosting a family reunion, children are probably going to be in attendance. Since children need to be occupied to focus their energy, having a swimming pool is key because they naturally like swimming when the weather’s nice enough.

Of course, ensuring the kids are entertained is only one thing off the list to check off when holding an enjoyable family reunion. You also have to think about the adults. Luckily, there are resorts all around, so there are plenty of hikes, like Zion’s National Park, Kanarraville Falls, and Toquerville Falls.

If that’s not enough to satisfy your sense of adventure, you should be at a resort that has ATV and watercraft rentals nearby.

If you want all of this and more from your family reunion, the resort that you want to rent out is Mollie’s Landing. Not only do they have a pool for the kids and adults alike to enjoy, but they have water slides, rockfall waterfalls, and places to cliff jump. It’s basically paradise for children, which can help their parents relax during their family reunion.

On top of being next to some of Utah’s top hot spots for hiking, Mollie’s Landing is also surrounded by fantastic dining with various cuisines to choose from with watercraft and ATV rentals. When staying at Mollie’s Landing, there’s always something to do no matter what.

Planning a family reunion requires a lot of thinking, but don’t overthink it when it comes to what resort to stay at for the reunion. Mollie’s Landing is the only one you need. Get your reservation as quickly as possible so that such a big load is taken off your mind, your family reunion is one to remember, and best of all, your stay there will be worth every penny.

Mollie’s Landing is a resort that provides rentals for family reunions in St. George for all to enjoy.

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