Reasons why Fencing in Guildford is Important

Fencing is Guildford is important as it adds value and increases the security of your home. It encloses the boundaries around your property, keeps children safe and acts as a deterrent for intruders. From wooden to metal and plastic fencing, there are many styles and designs to choose from to suit your needs. The main importance of fencing in Guildford are discussed below:

  • A Requirement of the Police

The first reason why fencing is important in Guildford is because it is a requirement of the police. If you are carrying a weapon and the police ask you to stop, you must stop and drop your weapon if asked to do so. Otherwise, you will be breaking the law and could end up in jail.

  • Health and Safety Requirement

The second reason why fencing is important in Guildford is because it is a requirement of health and safety. If someone gets injured on your property because they did not fence it off correctly, or if they fell over a wire on it, then they could sue you for compensation. This means that you should ensure that all fences are correctly installed by an expert and that they are kept well maintained throughout their life.

  • Keeping away Strangers

Fencing can also be used as a way of stopping people from entering your property without permission. It can also be used to keep children out of certain areas such as garden ponds or swimming pools where there may be dangers present such as drowning or falling into them accidentally.

Options to Consider

Whether you are looking for a type of fencing that will make your property look beautiful, or your aim is to ensure maximum security, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

  1. Wood, Metal, Plastic, or Concrete

You can add height by installing concrete posts or wooden fence panels. If you would like to have a gate added, this can be done by an experienced carpenter or handyman. Fencing is available in wood, metal or plastic. Different styles of fencing include picket, panel, trellis, chain-link and wrought iron.

  • Fencing for Security

Security fencing is popular in Guildford as it is made from high quality materials that are difficult to scale or break through. You can choose from styles that feature spikes on top which also act as a deterrent for intruders. Metal fencing comes in various styles including chain-link which is durable and strong while also being affordable.

  • Fencing in Guildford for Children’s Safety

Picket fencing is great for young children as it keeps them safe and enclosed in your garden without obstructing their view of what is going on outside the boundary line of your property.

  • Fencing for Beauty

Wrought iron has an attractive design that will enhance the appearance of your garden area while maintaining its functionality of keeping unwanted

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