There are many reasons why blockages occur in household pipes. Some of them are bad use, things that done on a daily basis and that are not even paid attention to until the water starts to come out of the drain, the sink floods or perhaps the most terrifying: the toilet clogs. From installation errors, wear and tear on drainage components, and practices such as pouring food scraps or inappropriate liquids directly into the system are some of the causes of plumbing problems.

They are all very common problems in homes, which can become a real headache. The same things apply to commercial and public sectors. The first step is to try to solve it on your own, and sometimes the operation is successful. The problem reappears after a short time. However, the easiest solution is to call the professional rooters to unclog the pipes and drains. Hire specialized personnel to carry out a deep and guaranteed job.

Some things that cause blockages in the drain

There are different types of blockages in the pipes, mostly due to improper use. Pouring food scraps or cooking oil into the dishwasher causes the accumulation of solid residues, which begin by generating bad odors and, finally, block the water outlet. When the jam is in a place that is not directly accessible, a bucket truck is the solution. This procedure is highly recommended for cleaning pipes and sewers, cesspools and in septic tanks. In sinks and showers, bits of soap going down the drain usually cause blockages. The accumulation of soapy grease traps the hair that comes off during the bath and generates a plug.

Blockages of gutters and toilets

Not only sewage causes problems in the home, but also rainwater, especially if the debris that falls on the roof jams the gutters. It is common for leaves to fall on the roof, which circulate inside the drainage channels and obstruct the water outlets. It is advisable to carry out a cleaning of downspouts to prevent water from accumulating on the roof and causing leaks or dampness in the walls. Experienced rooters usually deal with this type of situation in multi-family homes or company buildings.

These types of companies that are dedicated to unblocking not only remove obstructions, but also maintain the system and replace the affected sections. By mistake or ignorance, people tend to throw various objects down the toilet, believing that the sewer washes everything away. Not all of these elements pass through the pipe without problems.

The high price of resorting to the inexperienced

Not all problems in drainage systems are the users’ fault. Sometimes, they have to do with installation defects by inexperienced hands, hired only for their low price. The slope is a key factor. Periodic maintenance of the pipes prevents obstructions, especially in old structures.

Health care in septic tanks

The emptying and cleaning of septic tanks is one of the jobs carried out by unblocking companies, with the help of a tanker truck. Unblocking professionals have a double tank, one for the clean water used in the pressure cleaning process to release residues, and a second tank that carries the residual water.

Specialists in this type of professional work have adequate equipment that safely transports sewage to treatment plants, complying with health and environmental regulations.

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