Look at the construction around you. Nowadays, finding a big house, like in the earlier times seems nearly impossible. Either you have a big budget or have fascinating ideas and tricks to turn your small rooms into bright and spacious areas. Of course, the latter is a more viable option if you’re the sole earning member or planning on extending your family. Whatever be the reason, you may desire a cleaner and wider room, especially your kitchen, isn’t that true?

The modern kitchen cabinets are built in such a way that helps you save enough area. You get a more usable space, the kitchen stays organized, and your loved ones get a chance to spend more time without blocking the area.

With myriads of cabinet options available, it could be difficult to shortlist and find the one that exactly fits your needs. However, the best thing about modern kitchen cabinets is that apart from upgrading the overall appearance of the space, they are highly functional.

Making a Small Kitchen Spacious

The kitchen, as you know, is the heart and soul of every home. It gives way to energy and light and ensures physical and spiritual nourishment.

If you’re looking for useful tips to make your small kitchen look bigger and uplift your overall temperament, then this article is for you.

  1. Cabinet: First things first, get rid of the solid cabinet. These types of cabinets take up more space and look disorganized. So, it’s best to replace them with modern kitchen cabinets. Try to keep it minimal and simple because that way, your kitchen would seem spacious.
  2. Lighting: The second best way to make your small cooking space appear bigger is with appropriate lighting. It is the most effortless and convenient option.

Good lighting is crucial in a smaller kitchen to make it look spacious. Direct light for food preparation and dimmer switches over the dining spot, lighting can truly make or break your space.

  1. Open-Shelving: Kitchen shelving can make your room look bigger, and it doesn’t have to be boring. Several gorgeous-looking shelving options are available nowadays, adding interest and character to the kitchen.

If your kitchen has an area to give up a built-in wall unit, then shelving can help the space seem taller and wider and give individuals a room to breathe. You can fill the space with your favorite cooking book, plants, coffee, teacups, etc.

  1. Colors and patterns: Kitchen colors can certainly make the kitchen look smaller or bigger. When you go for light colors, your cooking space appears brighter.

One can also use texture to bring personality to the room. If your kitchen is too small, you need to be clever while using texture. One can go for materials like wood on the chairs and stools to add warmth. Colors and patterns can enhance visual focus in the kitchen.

  1. Mirror splashback: Open the sightlines using mirror splashbacks in your kitchen. These splashbacks will make your kitchen seem much bigger. These also give a smart, modern, subtle, and modest effect.
  2. Reduce refrigeration: Unless you have a huge family, you may consider reducing the size of your refrigerator. Several homeowners search for refrigerators that are more than 36 inches. However, to make your kitchen seem big enough, you can slim the size down to 30 or 26 inches. Say, if you are willing to let go off your cold storage that would be beneficial too to make your kitchen look smart.
  3. Guide the eyes: The way your eyes are drawn to the kitchen has a lot to say. Horizontal stripes on the backsplash portray a kitchen to be much wider, and it’s mostly good to keep the stripes gentle. Vertical stripes draw the gaze up more towards the height.
  4. Minimalist makeover: Are you trying to make your small kitchen appear bigger? Then, minimalism is the answer. It simply means choosing designs that are sleek, simple, and intricate.

One can swap cabinet door knobs with bars, which will make it appear bigger and easier to maintain. One can also go for a single sink rather than doubling it.

Minimalism also applies to the things that you leave around the kitchen after meal preparation. Are you surprised by the number of items taking your countertop space? Keeping your kitchen organized and clutter-free will automatically increase the space and make the room feel airy.

In Conclusion

These are some of the tried and tested ways to make your kitchen look welcoming, spacious, and peaceful. Thanks to the modern kitchen cabinet that helps in clearing out the kitchen mess. These cabinets are the primary factor in shaping the feel and size of your kitchen. So, if you’re willing to transform your cooking area too, install modern cabinets and start making memories!

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