When you find that your septic tank has overflowed and toilet water is now invading your garage or basement, it’s time to call a professional. Rooter Service in Studio City offers clean, effective sewer pipe and drain cleaning services to the San Fernando Valley.

A rooter is a machine with rotating blades on an extended arm at the end of a flexible hose that cleans out blockages in pipes. This machine can cut through roots and other obstructions, which are common challenges for plumbers.

How to work with rooters?

To use a rooter:

  1. Turn off the water and ensure the washing machine is empty.
  2. Open all nearby faucets and sprayers to fill the drain line with water.
  3. Pull up on the rubber hose until it is taut, and use pliers to clamp the hose near a drain or waste pipe to prevent obstructions from getting hung up further down the line.

Your plumber may need to use a rooter to clean out a clogged pipe or sewer line when nothing else will clear a blockage. If your home has sewer or septic tank problems, call Rooter Service in Studio City for professional help.

What kind of router do I need?

There are several different rooters, though most systems all use the same basic principle. The machine is attached to a long hose, and you turn off the water supply to the private sewer line before installing it. Then, generally, through an opening in your house or garage floor, you run the hose in. This hose has multiple bends in it to enter quickly into hard-to-reach areas and other obstacles.

1. A big, long hose:

You generally attach this hose to the farthest drain opening in your home. Some systems have quick-disconnect fittings to connect to the house sewer and garden drain, and leave it there if you need to.

2. A smaller, shorter hose:

This is called a “snake” or “snakey.” It is usually used for smaller areas like basements, garages, or crawlspaces and where there are problems with water getting into larger pipes.

3. A specialized snake:

A special kind of rooter uses a narrow pipe only 1/2″ in diameter to reach difficult-to-reach places.

4. Specialized rooter:

The other particular type of rooter is an all-purpose unit used to dig up roots or other things in a pipe and clog it or to clear a blockage entirely. These machines may be used instead of a snake.

5. A specialized wrench:

In some systems, there is a “wrench” that you can use to turn the connection on the end of the hose to get to more complicated relationships.

6. Nozzle with many teeth:

Some rooters have a special nozzle that has many small blades on it. This nozzle type digs into concrete and other hard surfaces and strengthens the machine’s cutting power. It is helpful if you have a blockage underneath your home or a deep pipe.


Thus, the rooter is a powerful device, and it can solve some of the most complicated plumbing problems. The rooter can be used in residential and commercial sewer and septic systems. The Rooter Service in Studio City offers its services at reasonably affordable prices. Call us for sewer repair, drain cleaning, and rooter service. Since we have been in business for over a decade, we have a state of the art equipment and plenty of employees.

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