One of the most overlooked pieces of furniture is the chair. It is more than a place to sit and adds personality and style to the space. Every room in the house has a different seating requirement, and there is a different kind of chair for that depending on the purpose and aesthetics. From dining chairs to rocking chairs to wooden bar stools, there are many variants, and each has a function and design. Shop for these types on Wakefit, but before that, to know the different chairs that can enhance the decor, read below-


These are chairs that come with side support and are designed to offer support to the arms to provide a good seating experience. It occupies a prime place in the space and is an ideal place to curl up with a cup of coffee and watch a movie or read a book. So these are picked as accent chairs and can add charm and personality to the location. This functional decor enhances the room’s colour and style and can be extra seating for guests, making it a multipurpose chair for home. Place it in your living room or your bedroom corner, and it instantly gives a sophisticated and modern look to the room.


As per historians, the first person to own and use a recliner is Napoleon Bonaparte. From then to now, it has seen many changes. It is one of the most comfortable chairs available and is often used in the living room to watch TV or read a book in comfort. It gets the name as it can recline back, and the footrest extends forward, providing great relaxation. Recliners come in many materials, colours and styles. Browse through Wakefit chairs online for more such designs.

Round Chairs

As the name says these are chairs that have a round back and are usually made of artificial materials. These are usually placed in the living room and offer a contemporary style. The upper part of the chair frame is rounded and has a fabric attached to it. The round chairs are used to make the space stylish.

Wing Chairs

These chairs bring class, fashion, and sophistication to your living space. It is upholstered and highly comfortable, enhancing the body posture. Wing chairs can be placed near a window, corner of a room, or anywhere else and can transport you back to the British era. The high back of the chair, paired with a cosy pillow cushion, fits into the contemporary style, provided you choose the pattern and colour that complements the decor.


Chairs are needed not just inside the house but also outdoors. The balconies and patios are the perfect places to enjoy the weather and stay close to nature. When it comes to outdoor chairs, you can choose sun loungers where you can create a vacation vibe or for indoors, you can have a lounge chair design of lounge chair with an ottoman.

Love seat

It is an ideal combination of a chair and sofa. It is suitable for two people to sit together or for someone who likes extra space while lounging. The size of the loveseat is such that it is ideal for the smaller living room but is also a great additional seating option for a larger room. The style of these chairs can range from traditional to modern based on the aesthetics you seek to bring to your decor.

Office Chairs

These are specifically designed for offices or home offices. The office chairs ergonomic are made to boost productivity by providing enhanced back support. In addition, they come with adjustable height, swivel chairs, adjustable armrests, and wheels for extra mobility. There are many varieties of office chairs with different colours and price ranches. Considering that the person seated on these chairs uses them for long hours, it is recommended that you opt for premium chairs that offer great lumbar support.

Club Chair

These are typically made of leather and are a definition of luxury. It is a type of armchair that can be placed in your living room or office and make for comfortable and stylish seating. It is extremely durable and can give a vintage look and spice up any monotonous space if appropriately maintained.

Wooden Bar Stools

These can add style to your dining space with ease. These are a must-have if you have a countertop kitchen. Add a few of these to make your kitchen or dining area look stylish, modern, and trendy. If you want to give a casual but modern look to the space, add plastic stools.

Chairs are no longer just a place to sit. It has a history and great design behind it. So when you pick a chair for your home, choose based on the purpose and location you put it in. Also, never compromise on functionality and design and buy nothing less than premier products.

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