Tips To Sell Your Properties At Higher Price Than Its Original Value

It goes without saying that every seller wants to get the best possible price for their home. Finding the correct estate agent, advertising the house on the market, getting a property valuation, and deciding on the right selling price are all common steps in the process of selling a home. However, as a seller, you should not rely solely on the estate agent. Sittingbourne estate agents say there are a number of things that homeowners and sellers can do to raise the selling price of their homes. Here are some suggestions and tactics for sellers who want to sell their homes for more money.


A property that has been professionally staged may sell for much more than its original worth. When potential buyers see a staged property, it is easier for them to envisage their future life in their new home. Also, estate agents in Kent say the first impressions are important; if potential buyers fall in love with the house as soon as they walk in, they may make an offer that is larger than the asking price to ensure that the transaction goes through.

Get to work on the repairs

Make certain that everything in your home is in working order. Fix everything that needs to be fixed, whether it’s leaking faucets, damaged tiles, worn-out carpets, or broken furniture. When a potential buyer enters into a house with broken furniture or fixtures, they may try to bargain because they will have to spend more money on repairs. There will be no opportunity for bargaining if nothing has to be repaired. In fact, because your home will appear and feel brand new, the new owners will be able to move in sooner, thus increasing the selling price.

Keep it chic

A minimalistic, stylish, and clean design is one technique to make your property look and feel more costly. Essentially, you should employ a simple colour scheme for the interiors – creams, whites, greys, beige, and earthy tones all look opulent. It’s never a bad idea to add a splash of colour. To make the space look more upscale, use floor-to-ceiling curtains, try adding some modern features and modern furniture for a more chic appeal, and stick to clean lines. Finally, the more expensive a location appears to be, the greater the deal.

Allow the statement pieces to take centre stage

A statement piece, such as a fully automated home theatre or a living room fireplace, can be the focal point of your home, so make sure it sticks out. A rooftop patio, a backyard gazebo, a modular kitchen, or even a hot tub in the basement are all features that will entice buyers, so make sure you highlight them.

Improve your kitchen’s appearance

Who doesn’t want a kitchen that is clean, sleek, and modular? If you have the financial means, consider upgrading your kitchen to increase the value of your home. You can always enhance your kitchen by changing the cabinets, replacing the countertops, painting the wood, and even adding a few extra lighting fixtures if you don’t have the money for a full renovation. Also, make sure that all of your appliances are in good working order – a beautiful new kitchen with a rusted old oven will not attract potential buyers.

Don’t overlook the curb

While many homeowners concentrate on improving the interior of their home, they frequently overlook the exterior. After all, potential buyers notice the outside first when they visit a property, so curb appeal is just as vital as the inside! As a result, be care to tidy up the exteriors and perhaps add some greenery. To add to the general appeal, paint the exteriors, trim the hedges, clean the driveway, and perhaps add a few potted plants here and there. A well-kept exterior will set your home apart from the competition and may even increase the selling price.

Keep it clean, clean, clean

It goes without saying, but nothing appeals to potential buyers more than a spotless home. Before each showing and visit, clear up any clutter and make sure the house is immaculate. Remove any unnecessary decorations, dispose of any broken furniture, clean the kitchen and bathrooms, and don’t forget to clean all of the bedrooms. Repainting the walls is another smart choice because it helps the home appear cleaner and newer, which makes it appear and feel more expensive. Again, this is a fantastic way to make a good first impression, and first impressions matter a lot in the real estate market.

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