Today rugs are demanded from lower to elite. But there are few rugs which are commonly demanded by every category of people, and they are as follow,


When we talk about the common rug, wool rug is the answer and easily available in markets. To manufacture these rugs, wool is obtained from sheep. These rugs are retained in their form because wool is natural resistance to crushing. Wool rugs help disappear marks that appear during shifting or replacement of furniture. Wool is also moisture resistant, it soaks up the extra moisture, best for the kitchen area.

Wool rugs have natural soil and stain resistance properties that is the reason it is easier to maintain than those made of artificial fibers. The soft and natural feel of these wool rugs are appealing visually and comfy underfoot.


One of the most expensive rugs among all the rugs are silk rugs. It is widely used for luxurious rooms and hotels.

Silk is one in every of the costliest fibers because it is created from the cocoon of the silkworm and needs an excellent deal of handling and process. In history and today China is one of the leader in globe for silk production. There are different features of silk rugs which includes,

  • It has natural sheen and luster for a sublime look.
  • It is Luxurious, soft feel that is exclusive.
  • Silk is truly one of the strongest natural fibers.
  • It is actively static and immune to mold, mildew and flora growth
  • This rug is naturally hypoallergenic

Silk is commonly homogenized with different materials like wool because it is very expensive and cannot be affordable by everyone.

Shaggy rugs

Among many types of rugs, shaggy rugs are aesthetic options to change your ordinary interior to fashionable. Wherever you place these rugs, it will perfectly suit your place because it is available in many modern designs.

Shaggy rugs are also available in different patterns, size, and colors, adding up a date touch to your house.

It is perfectly adding a soft trace to the entire interior d├ęcor. Shaggy rugs are ideal for your living room, and for the bedroom. They are practical to use and are the premier ways to create a warm atmosphere. They provide you the soft feeling when you place your feet. It helps reduce dirt and rehabilitate a stiff presence.

Shaggy rugs are available in many exciting color couches but commonly found in neutral colors for instance you find these rugs in beautiful white color or blush shades of pink. These rugs are easily maintained, vacuum is enough for cleaning and the most important point is it is available at affordable prices.

Jute and bamboo rug

Want to have soft, flexible, and hard-wearing fiber that is resilient and has a softer touch, jute and bamboo rugs are the perfect option for every type of place. Jute fibers are used to craft jute rugs whereas bamboo fiber for bamboo rugs. They are bio friendly and biodegradable as it utilizes no toxic chemicals which makes it safer from the synthetic products which are harmful due to toxicity.

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