Estate agents are busy people. First, they work on generating leads which in itself is an enormous task. However, all the effort will not be beneficial if the leads are not converted into transactions. As the Redbrik Estate Agents in Sheffield will concur, a great deal of work is required to keep on top of the market and reach the desired target.  

A few tips for Estate Agents to convert more leads:

Obtain information:   

An essential requirement but sometimes difficult to obtain. You need to have the prospective buyer’s/seller’s name, phone number and email id, to be able to stay in contact. Many people are not willing to initially part with these details. Hence, include estate agent fees and rent calculators on your website. Offer it as a free tool and interested parties will be drawn to participate. They need to enter a few details (which is all you require) to find out their property’s worth, sale price and the estate agent’s fees. However, one important factor is to abide by data-protection laws. State clearly in the Privacy Policy how the information will be stored and kept confidential.  

Speed is of utmost importance. Your internet facility has to be topped with the website working at extraordinary speed. As one authority stated, “A one-second delay in loading times leads to a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and a 7% loss in conversions.” A few guidelines to help with this:

  • Try not to use large or complex image files, as these increase loading time 
  • If most of the website users are based in the UK, the server location should be there also.
  • Store data in cache memory, so that details  in visitors’ browsers will upload faster. 
  • Ensure that your website’s features are tested on the many browser platforms available, to ensure the loading of data on all.

You must respond to an enquiry within 5-15 minutes of a lead. First impressions of quality response time can generate a positive lead conversion.

Plan to qualify leads:  

There should be a plan in place for your leads, to categorize them correctly in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which manages all interactions and relationships between the company and customers or potential clients. The target should be to get the most useful information asap – for instance, LPMAMA – Location, Price Range, Motivation, Agent, Mortgage and Appointment. Ensure that your IDX (Information Data Exchange) website contains competent questions such as “Do you have a house to sell?” and “Are you pre-approved?”

Popular keywords and presentation: 

Your website should make a good first impression by displaying essential information in a clear and easy-to-use way. Pleasant colours, bold fonts and capital letters are eye-catching.  Popular keywords (according to your main marketing cadres) should be portrayed in a subtle way. If your main marketing is for “local estate agents” and these words are displayed, the seller is directed to that page. Linking words on your website to potential leads and searching for them is one of the best ways to increase conversions.

Boost marketing:  

A rather unusual but beneficial way is to include a comparison chart – between yourselves and competitors. By displaying others’ services on your site, leads will stay onboard and collect details. You have the upper hand by choosing what prices and services to display. Ensure that your best prices are included and, if some services are offered at lower rates by your competitors, leave them out!  Another booster is to mention any awards or recognitions you have received and the updated technology used. Increase your agency’s credibility with a well-maintained and efficiently run website. Links to schemes such as Deposit schemes and Property Ombudsman will also prove your reliability and compliance with regulations.

Offer a variety of packages and price options:  

Your website should cater to the requirements of clients with varying needs and budgets.  Sellers want to be in control of their budget, paying only for what they need. Giving them flexible options will lead to more conversions.

Online support:  

Reduce waiting and frustration on “on hold” calls by having a Chatbot or a social bot, which will give immediate answers. If no suitable answer is picked up by the bot, the seller’s information is requested so that he/she can be contacted at the earliest. This quick resolution to a query can end in lead conversion.


Validating leads by using automatic validation in the data capture forms can help eliminate fake contacts. Online leads may mean that people are just showing interest and are not ready for quick buys or sales. It may take some months for transactions to take place. However, this is when patience pays. Maintain an up-to-date and efficient website and combine it with regular follow-ups with potential clients. You are sure to reap the benefits of converting leads into transactions.

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