The sofa or a bed may be comfortable seats for work or taking online classes for some time, but after some days, you feel the need for a dedicated space for studying or working. While you may not have a separate room as a study or office space, you can still have a professional setup when installing a study table and a chair. Having this kind of setup can boost productivity and allow you to work or study in an organized space. Coming to where to buy a compact but aesthetically beautiful study table, there’s Wakefit, but before that, here are a few factors to consider to add value to the purchase.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Study Table


What is the right size for a study table? It completely depends on the individual using it, but if you are not sure what size you need, here are some things to consider.

1.Professional working computer table: Are you a working professional who needs a large desk. For instance, graphic designers, coders, etc., must work on large screens or two computer screens. They would prefer to have a large wooden study table. However, if you are someone who works on laptops, then you can choose a compact desk.

2. Study table: If you are looking for a table that your kids can study on, you will need something that can accommodate their book, stationary as well as a laptop at the same time.

3. A work table: These are ideal for those who want a working surface for their activities or hobbies. Depending on the nature of the activity, choose a study table.

4. Study table for office: The size of the cabin or the room you are working on should be the deciding factor on what size to buy.


Once you have determined the size of the table, the next big thing is the style. Some tips on buying the best ergonomic Study Table include:

  1. Choose a study table style based on the existing furniture style so that it complements them. For instance, if you have wooden furniture at home, then select a wooden study table and not some other material.
  2. When looking to enhance the aesthetics, nothing beats the class and endurance of wooden furniture. A wooden table and an ergonomic chair is an unbeatable combination that adds to the room’s decor. If you plan to move around the table, opt for a lightweight engineered wood table than a wooden table.
  3. Innovative study tables are available if you have a compact space. The wall-mounted ones are one such option. These are mounted on strong hinges and open out to act as a computer table.
  4. Opt for a wooden study table with drawers and shelves if you want more storage. That way, you can keep the books, stationery, and other things organized and easily accessible.
  5. A corner study table is a good style to choose if you want space optimization. It is designed for any space, be it the bedroom or the living room, and also makes the space look more spacious as it does not occupy the center.


The price of a study table depends on the material, design, style, and brand. A simple study table made of good quality wood can cost you a few thousand rupees, and the price varies based on:

  1. The material used. Solidwood study tables are sturdy and last a long time, but you have to spend a little more. A plastic study table is a cheaper option; it is not durable and won’t last as long as a solid wood one. However, if you want a go-between, an engineered wood study table is the right choice as it is durable and lasts for many years, provided it is made from good quality materials.
  2. The price can also greatly vary depending on whether there is storage availability. Depending on your storage needs, you can choose options with drawers and shelves or simply a working surface. The size also influences the price, with a larger one costing more than the smaller laptop table.
  3. The design is another key factor that can increase the price of the study table. Designer furniture from an international brand costs you more. But that does not mean you should go to a local carpenter. There are many reputed brands online that have the best wooden study tables at affordable prices which are worth buying.

Investing in a good study table is one of the premier tips for studying at home. That is because kids and adults alike tend to spend a lot of time losing and searching for pens and essential paper when carrying them around. Having a dedicated storage space reduces the chaos of looking for them and keeping them organized. Also, when you have a dedicated study surface, you can work with more focus and concentration and boost productivity.

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