Do not change everything while bathroom remodeling:

Are you planning to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor Killeen Tx? If yes, do not change everything and do not spend too much. Follow these tips for your bathroom remodeling.

Choose the bathroom fittings:

For the bathroom, two types of fittings can be chosen: one for the sink and one for the shower and/or bathtub.

The washbasin faucet:

Regarding the taps for the sink, you can opt for a mixer with 2 levers, which will allow, as its name suggests, to mix the two water inlets. Or the mixer, which has a single lever that you operate to adjust the temperature of your water.

If you wish, you can add a flow limiter, which reduces your water consumption by 50%. This attaches directly to your faucet.

Shower or bath faucet:

The shower valve is a connection between a hand shower and a shower hose. It attaches directly to the wall or to the cabin wall.

The bathtub faucet has a spout. On each, there is a diverter, from which the water comes out. For a renovation, there are single-hole models, which avoid drilling the tub again.

Which craftsmen for the renovation of my bathroom?

For the renovation of your bathroom, it is important to find the best Bathroom remodeling contractor Killeen Tx who will meet your desires and your needs. Do not hesitate to discuss your project with him and ask him to show you photographs of his previous achievements, similar to your ideas.

Bath or shower?

That is the question! It all depends on your tastes and preferences in terms of use. The walk-in shower continues to appeal and if the height of the evacuation tolerates it, you can completely install a shower of this type without even having to create a small step. However, you should know that a step of 10/15 cm is often still necessary to integrate the siphon as well as a waterproof panel.

There are also so-called “classic” showers with cabins. Classic, of course, but today you can find innovative models with design materials such as stainless steel, or even with original components such as “saloon” doors.

Halfway between the walk-in shower and the shower cabin, you can choose the shower with a tray and walls. The latter allows you to feel in a real cocoon.

In summary, we opt for the shower for its practicality and its wide range of choices.

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