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Did you come across a whimsical wallpaper and are thinking of installing it in your rented apartment? Or maybe your new rented apartment has a tacky wallpaper that you want to conceal? Lucky for you, we have brought you a quick guide that will answer all your wallpaper dilemmas. 

Can you paint over the wallpaper?

Yes, you can paint over wallpaper. You can skip the hassle of peeling off your existing wallpaper and simply paint on it. However, there are a few basic things that you must know before you take this route. 

Here are a few important things that you must keep in mind before you paint over wallpapers

Create a smooth surface 

If there are major dents or holes or air bubbles on your wallpaper, then you will have to fix them before you paint over the wallpaper or else your paint won’t last for long. You can consider sanding off the wallpaper to achieve a smooth canvas on which you can apply a fresh coat of paint. 

Avoid painting over heavily textured wallpaper 

It is better to peel off a heavily textured wallpaper rather than paint over it, as you will have to apply several layers of paint to hide the grains and pores on the wallpaper. 

Light colour wallpapers are easy to paint over 

If your apartment has dark-coloured wallpapers, then we would recommend you peel them off instead of painting over them. This is because if you want to paint your home in a light hue then you will have to paint several coats to get the desired effect. This process would be time-consuming and will undoubtedly put a dent in your pocket. 

Painting over wallpaper is a short-term solution 

Do you want to get rid of your wallpaper and paint your walls in colours that will last you for many years? In such cases, it is better to remove the wallpaper and then paint your walls rather than paint over the wallpaper. However, renters can consider painting over wallpaper if they don’t have the freedom to peel off the existing wallpaper from the walls. 

How to paint over a wallpaper?

Painting over wallpapers is easy if you know the basics. Here are a few steps you need to take before you paint over a wallpaper: 

  • If there are any major dents or tears on the wallpaper, then try patching them and creating a smooth area to work with. 
  • You can further smoothen your surface by sanding off the wallpaper, especially on the edges and trims of the walls. 
  • Next, apply an oil-based primer on top of your wallpaper which will protect it from moisture. 
  • Finally, you can paint over the wallpaper using oil-based paint. Depending on the wallpaper colour and texture, you can decide how many coats of paint you will have to apply to get a professional finish. 

Can you install wallpaper over a painted surface? 

Yes, you can install wallpaper over a painted surface. However, the paint finish matters. While you can easily apply wallpaper over satin, eggshell and glossy paint, it is difficult to apply wallpaper over a matte finish paint as it won’t stick well and peel off easily. 

How to install wallpaper on a painted wall? 

  • Thoroughly clean the surface before you decide to install wallpaper on it as this will help the wall sticker stick better. 
  • Make sure that your wall surface is smooth. You must fix the dents and holes on the walls and sand the surface to achieve an even surface to work on. 
  • Apply a layer of primer on your painted walls before you install wallpaper on them to protect the painted wall. 

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