5 Red Flags When Hiring a Moving Company in Singapore

Relocating an office is challenging; you need a moving company in Singapore. A moving company can take care of the disassembling of furniture, packing of belongings, loading them onto the trucks, and transporting them to the new place. Depending on the mover’s package you get, they can also help you unpack.

But not all office movers in Singapore are as reliable as others. Some have mediocre services. A few even scam their clients and these companies are the ones you should avoid.

Here are the red flags of office relocation services in Singapore:

1. Lack of physical address

It is a major red flag not only to moving companies but to all businesses not to provide a physical or office address. Moving companies should have a headquarters where they keep their trucks and the tools they use when moving stacks of boxes. Do not hire a moving company that lacks a physical address.

2. No licences

All businesses should have licences, certificates, or registrations issued by governing bodies that say they are permitted to operate the business. These certifications allow the governing bodies to regulate these cheap movers in Singapore.

These licences can also be handy when your moving company mishandles your items, such as damaging or stealing them. It will be easier to track and hold them accountable.

Lastly, the lack of a licence indicates that they are operating illegally, which is already a red flag.

3. Bad reviews

When researching your office relocation company in Singapore, it is helpful to read some reviews about the company. The reviews will give you an insight into the service they give. If there are tons of bad reviews, you better not hire them.

But be extra careful with companies with tons of positive reviews as well. Some try to create review accounts and spam the review sections with positive feedback. You can spot inorganic reviews by the commonality in the grammar and sentence structures.

4. No insurance or protection policy

Reliable cheap movers in Singapore provide insurance and cargo protection policies. The insurance means the company is liable for any damaged or stolen belongings while they are in their care. Without insurance, the liability is in the client’s hands.

5. Insanely low price

It is advisable to ask severaloffice relocations services in Singapore for their estimated price per service. That way, you can determine the average cost of the service in the market. If you find a moving company that offers services at more than half of the average price, it can be a scam.

Never trust a moving company in Singapore waving these red flags. 

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