It is generally acknowledged that admission to London’s top public schools requires talent and forethought. Some schools demand exceptional exam results at the 11 plus (solution: tutoring starting in about Year 3), others demand adherence to a faith (solution: attend church frequently), while others only pay attention to postcodes. The only option for the latter is to purchase a home in the appropriate catchment area. If this is their intention, anyone enrolling in secondary school this October for entry in 2023 is cutting it extremely fine; but, the majority of individuals will be making plans longer in advance. Estate agents in Notting Hill advise finding the best homes near the school you prefer to secure an admission without any hassle. Read on to know the best places to buy a home near five of London’s top state secondary schools.

Waldegrave School

This is the pinnacle of females’ education in the Richmond borough. Every year, 216 girls from a catchment area that includes the majority of the borough and even extends as far east as Putney, Wandsworth, and Hammersmith are accepted. Although that is the designated catchment area, everyone is aware that in practise you need to reside no more than two miles from the school’s entrance.

Camden School for Girls

Distances are more difficult for Camden Girls, the school where Emma Thompson, Fiona Millar, and Geri Halliwell attended in north London. Family homes don’t change hands very frequently around here, so you really only need to be a half mile away to be certain of a location.

Fortismere University

The final non-sibling to receive a place at Fortismere in Haringey in 2022 resided 0.48 miles from the school. When compared to the distance from this highly desired secondary school, home prices in Muswell Hill typically increase dramatically.

The Charter School

Though purchasing a home in Dulwich is a relatively decent bet for many schools, the North Dulwich Charter School is well-liked by parents from all around southeast London.

St. Marylebone School for Girls

While St Marylebone School for Girls may provide many spots to churchgoers, 40% of spots are set aside for local girls. Family homes are scarce in this area of central London, by which they do mean quite close by.

How to speed up the buying process?

Although purchasing a home can be a drawn-out, tedious, and occasionally stressful process, there are steps we can take to make it go more quickly. But first, we must define the process, identify the component parts, and, whenever possible, identify strategies to speed up each of them. While there will be aspects of the process that are completely beyond our control and for which there is frequently nothing we can do, for those that we can influence, planning ahead can help you save a lot of time.

Set a budget.

After you have sold your home, you will be aware of the complete amount of money you have to spend on a new one. This does not imply that you would use the entire amount of the sale profits to purchase a new home; instead, you can decide to split your budget between purchasing a home and making improvements to the one you already have. In either case, be sure to complete your calculations correctly and determine how much you can actually afford to spend. Keep in mind that purchasing a larger property will result in higher maintenance costs, higher energy costs, and higher council tax obligations.

Mortgage Principle

Getting your mortgage lender to in principle agree to lend you a specific amount of money is always a smart idea. It gives you the assurance to enter the market knowing that financing will be accessible for your new home, and it should support your expectations regarding your spending limits. The lender will examine your monthly income and expenses to determine how much you should be able to pay in mortgage payments, which will help them determine how much they can securely loan you. Obtaining a “in principle” agreement up front will help you save time later on. Additionally, it shows that you are a serious buyer to the sellers and their estate agents.

Make an offer

When you’ve located the home of your dreams, you must go on to the next phase of the purchasing process by submitting an offer to purchase the house. It’s crucial at this point to recall your maximum spending limit and the reasons for it, depending on your mortgage lender’s restrictions and your own self-imposed cap. Avoid engaging in a bidding battle that will push your price above that limit. Tell the vendor that your final offer is what you have to offer once you have reached your limit and stick to it. Living in a home of your dreams that you cannot afford is not enjoyable since your fantasy could easily turn into a nightmare.

Above all, to ease the buying process, you can get in touch with the local estate agent, who will be an expert in handling all the legal and paperwork requirements.

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